56 W 11th St
New York, NY 10011-8602

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As of November 4, 2010 several apartments in building are infested with bed bugs (confirmed through visual inspection and/or bites - and also through canine inspection by M&M exterminators). A number of the infested units have been treated by M&M. Of the treated units, a number remain bed bug-free, while others continue to be infested and have needed further treatments. There is a significant level of frustration among tenants due lack of responsiveness from landlord and super - also, super's

apartment badly infested and may have been original source of infestation. Even though super's unit treated by M&M recently, there is considerable skepticism among tenants about success of treatment.

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I have been getting bites and exterminator confirmed the presence of baby bed bugs. After further inspection of the units on my floor it was learned that my neighbor has a big problem and is the cause of my problems. I have an exterminator that specializes in dealing with bed bugs this week, but nothing has been done about my neighbor yet. Seems to me that the landlord should have the whole building should be alerted and checked out.

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