56 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011-6672

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260 6th AVE apt 5
New York, ny 10014

new bugs in nov 2007

360 W15th St Apt 106 New York, NY 10011

This building has been infested for a whole year. I have done two rounds of exterminations, and other neighbors have done three or four, with all belongings being washed, packed, or thrown away. The bed bugs keep returning. Until the landlord will exterminate the entire building, these bugs will not go away. After a year of not sleeping right, getting bites, or just wondering when they will come back again, I finally moved out. I would like to warn oth

ers to not move into this building.

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The week of October 16, 2006, I noticed three bites (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) on my stomach -- thought they were mosquito bites. Itched like crazy. Then, a few days later, I noticed bites on my right calf...lots of them. Finally identified the bites as bed bug bites on Friday, October 27. Spent a sleepless weekend on the couch -- which was a mistake -- as they followed me there. Informed my super the following Monday, October 31 (Halloween - how fitting). Moved to my friend's apartmen

t for the month of November. A PCO was supplied by the building's management company and showed up for the first time on 11/7. The second treatment was on 11/16. Before Thanksgiving, I discarded my couch. Moved back into my apartment on December 3. Got bit again the week of 12/11. PCO returned on 12/13. Got bit again that weekend. PCO returned (#4) on 12/19. Got bit again 12/27. Got rid of my bed. Moved to my sister's for 10 days. Brought back management-sponsored PCO on 1/4/07. Purchased AeroBed. Got bit again week of 1/8. Hired my own PCO who showed up on 1/12. Started sleeping through the night again, but with a light and the tv on. Doing laundry twice a week. Got bit again 1/23. Brought back my own PCO (2 month guarantee!) on 1/24. Now, sleeping in the tub until fear is gone. Can't see any evidence of bugs, but the body doesn't lie...no? Purchased some diatomaceous earth and a mini-hand bellows...somehow --someday -- these suckers are gonna die!!

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