152 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011-5109

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The above posts are four and five years old, respectively. Building Management retained the services of First Rate Exterminators and eradicated the pests in 2010. Unfortunately bedbugs have become a reality of city living, but our firm is committed to maintaining bed bug free buildings and eliminating the pests when they appear.

Our apartment has become infested with bedbugs. The exterminator found bugs under the heater in the front room, in the closet of the middle room, and under the couch near the back of the apartment.

Two of us were able to find friends to stay with but my other roommate, who remained in the apartment, still has bites even after the extermination.

I found two bugs crawling on my comforter and under my mattress and contained them in ziploc bags. They are, without a doubt, bed bugs.

We sign

ed a lease in February 2010 after seeing the information on this website. We would have done better to have signed on a different apartment.

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152 8th Ave. Apt. 5S

I signed a sublet agreement in October 2009 and am moving out in December 2009. This room is unliveable! Bedbugs appeared the same week I moved in. I killed three as they crawled from underneath the bed. The bed is a "captain's bed" - it was nailed to the wall when I moved in and one of the women asked me to pay $300 to buy it "from the previous roommate". One of the two women living there finally admitted to having them before and knew everything about extermination and

prevention. They had not disclosed the problem when I signed the sublease! I am sleeping on the couch and all of my belongings are in plastic bags. When I left for a weekend, one woman spitefully moved my cleaned and bagged belongings out of the hallway and next to my bed! I have spent about $600 on a PackTite and washing and drycleaning my belongings. The bugs reappeared after each of three exterminations. The two women will not speak to me or apologize. They will rent this room again without disclosing that there are bed bugs! Whenever I have had bites or saw the bugs, they tell me that the bites could be from spiders or mosquitos. It is obvious that they are afraid of admitting the problem. I captured a bug this week and am sending it to lab for identification. If you find yourself living here, I will show you the lab results so you can prove to the women (possibly a lawyer) that you have signed a sublease to live in a trap. I would not wish this to anyone.

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