120 W 21st St
New York, NY 10011-3202

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I've been fighting bed bugs over the past year at 21 Chelsea. The super was very doubtful that I had bed bugs until I showed him the bites. In October 2009, they paid for an exterminator, it seemed to be very bottom of the barrel as it was about $700. They sprayed chemicals, but I started getting bitten again about 3 weeks later so they came back.

It never fully solved the problem, I would get a few bites and then spray myself and then I wouldn't get any more bites for a few months. It's

gotten worse recently and I've been pressing the super to bring in another exterminator

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About 20 bed bugs found in bedroom only of 5th-floor apt June 2008. Building Super was nice, but unwilling to get exterminator who specialized in bed bugs. I found one on my own (Freedom Pest Control- AMAZING!) and B&L Mgmt reimbursed me for half of exterminator/clean-up expenses ($2K total). 3 months of heavy treatment and apartment was completely sealed with caulk, and bed bugs never returned.

NOTE: exterminator assessed that the bed bugs traveled into my closet from the unit above or belo

w me due to the large gaps in the closet doorframe. I notified the Super and B&L Mgmt of this but do not think anyone else in the building was notified.

Bed bugs are nasty. If you have a problem, call Freedom Pest Control.

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