208 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011-2301

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I pressed for more information about the bed bug infestation in this building, after getting the brush-off "it was treated as necessary." At least one apartment on the 2nd floor and 9th floor are/were infested. They wouldn't give me specifics on how the apartment was treated beyond "bagged and vacuumed" twice, most recently on 12/8/10. I asked if other apartments on the floor were treated and got this back: "No, no need." Anyone who has done even a little research knows that adjoining apartment

s should at the very least be inspected, so it seems this building doesn't take the problem or a prospective tenant's concerns very seriously. Incidentally, they didn't disclose any of the bed bug information until AFTER a $650 deposit (on an apartment which turned out to be on the same floor as the infestation a week and a half prior). They say they will not return my deposit, which of course I will fight; but hopefully this information can save someone else some time and money.

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I recently applied for an apartment in this building. The newly-required bed bug disclosure form stated there were, within the last year, bed bug infestations on the second and ninth floors.

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