228 W 24th St
New York, NY 10011-1702

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I got bed bugs in the first week of January 2012. My mom paid for me to have the fancy heat treatment (where they heat up your apartment for the whole day to kill any bed bugs and their eggs) which is usually a sure shot and does not involve you having to throw your whole life away, spend hundreds at the laundromat / dry cleaners and do huge amounts of work like vacuuming the inside of every shoes required by the cheap-o treatment the landlords were offering me. However, it did not work and I ha

d to have it done THREE times, leaving me as a leper for THREE whole months- unable to have anyone over or go to anyone else's house. Funny thing is I only ever saw 2 bedbugs- one teeny baby one that I caught in a glue trap under the bed, and one dead adult one in the bed next to me, but I had bites and the dog kept alerting to them. Oh yeah, and the landlord told me they don't 'believe' in bed bug dogs, which is total BS! I watched the bug dog work on three separate occasions and they were spot on every time- scratching on my bed, a certain wall and the sofa. I used AC Pest Control for the heat treatments. Although they did not work the first 2 times they were very helpful and did the second 2 treatments & dog visits free of charge.

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I've been subletting for two months. I know that I've been bitten once (four times) and my girlfriend was bitten on the first night she spent in the apartment. Luckily that's it. I don't think we have a full blown infestation in our apartment, however, these bugs are entering from somewhere. My guess is that the neighbors' have an issue.

Can anyone report on the current bedbug state at this address? We are considering moving here

Lived here for two years, got bedbugs twice. They are in the goddamn walls. After the first time, the management brought in people to spray... the bugs were gone for 9 months, then came back. The building is infested. There is no salvaging it. The building is so old with so many cracks, there is no way the building will get rid of the bugs, short of a total demolition and rebuild. I would not live there ever again, even it it was for free.

Inspector has provided reports that no bedbugs have been found at this address.

Management allowed me to sign a lease while spraying for bugs! Do not move here! The building is infested! I moved in and out within 4 months. There is no stopping the problem, even with renovations. Fumigation does not work, do not let 24st Holding fool you!

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