5 E 22nd St
New York, NY 10010-5361

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The management of 5 East 22nd did take action immediately......notified all residents in complete fashion in both printed documents and meetings. Problem was dealt with promptly and effectively.

I live in the building and had a problem. The whole thing sucks but at least the building had exterminators come in to explain everything and different companies avaliable to do the actual work. After reading newspapers and watching TV it seems like the entire city has a problem. Is everone over reacting?

There is a problem in this building. 12% of the 430 apartments have tested positive for bed bugs (approx. 51-52 apartments). The building is doing everything they can, but the infected apartments are not confined to one specific area, and are all over. I just moved in a month ago and have been dealing with this issue for 3 of the 4 weeks here. Not fun.

my daughter moved into Madison Greeen 5 east 22nd street august 1,2009. the doorman told her the apartment needed to be checked for bed bugs .. her broker never mentioned this to her.the building which is a condo never notified all of the tenants.the building is trying to keep this quiet.this building has 429 apartments.only 75 apartments have been checked for bedbugs and more then half are infested.the building has known about this problem for months and has not taken any action .my daughters

apartment is infested with bedbugs she had to move out,she had to have her clothing and bedding cleaned and put in storage.the building still has not dealt with this ongoing problem .the building told her they will not be checking all of the apartments .

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