238 E 23rd St
Manhattan, NY 10010-4605

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Please, please visit a reputable site like bedbugger.com or bedbugcentral.com and learn how tricky it is to fight bedbugs, especially using the wrong chemicals (which you are doing). "Bombs", especially, are almost universally recognized as being particularly horrible against bedbugs.

Sunday, October 11th I woke up with multiple bites on my left arm. My boyfriend also had bites on his back. Monday, we went to buy over $300 worth of protectors for my bed, washed all sheets and cleaned the entire apt. Landlord remarked that it was my personal hygene but then quickly realized this was the wrong response - she ran out and bought a knock-off can of raid.

After sealing the bed / sheets with the protectors, have not yet noticed any more bed bugs. Have also received a few spi

der bites so purchased a raid bomb and fumigated the apartment.

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