208 E 25th St
New York, NY 10010-3102

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We thought we struck gold in this "no fee" apartment building because it appears to be well kept, has in unit washer dryers, and updated furnishings. However, to our horror, we soon learned that the ENTIRE BUILDING IS INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS. It has been a complete domino effect from one apartment to another and will only continue to get worse. The property management and leasing office do the absolute bare minimum, as they are responsible for treatment and it is expensive. If you move here it is

only a matter of time where they will come in through your walls, infest your belongings, and become the most expensive, humiliating, and traumatizing experience of your life. This entire building needs to be torn down in order to eradicate the severity of the presence of bedbugs.

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Avoid this building. Bedbug infestation is in fact on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor! We have had numerous heating treatments and chemical treatments over the past 7 months and the bedbugs are still active. Have lived in NY for over 4 years and never had a problem until moving in this building. There is a major issue that runs deep in the framework and 9300 realty has been horrific. They have offer no help or sympathy for what we have been through. If you think you are getting a deal on rent, y

ou are not. We have spend over $2K in dry cleaning. Many residents are trying to leave the building - do yourself a favor and do not move here.

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There are currently bugs on the 4th and 5th floors that have not been eliminated despite multiple treatments over the past several weeks. Bedbugs have been found in multiple units in the building over the past few years, including renovated units renting around $3,000/month. CROMAN/9300 REALTY will misleadingly indicate that there is No History of Bed Bug infestation on the bed bug disclosure form to new renters. Once a pest problem is found, you will be stuck dealing with the bugs, financial b

urden, and Croman will not help you out.

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On Saturday 1st November 2014 we noticed a bed bug crawling on our bed in broad daylight in our apartment on the 5th floor. The blood that showed up after squashing it left no room for doubt.

This confirmed our fears. My partner has been noticing red itchy blotches on her left arms for some weeks now. We naively thought it might have been mosquitoes...

After speaking to our realty company and our super, he confirmed that the 2nd floor was also infested by bed bugs. And now we read that it

has been happening in this building for quite some time. As well as other building on this street.

We have been completely mislead by signing a paper before moving in, that stated there there was NO history of bed bugs in this building. A complete lie obviously.

Be VERY careful before moving into 208 East 25th street. It has a history of bedbug infestation.

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Lived in this building, and had a confirmed bedbug issue. This building does not disclose their persistent bedbug issues (confirmed with multiple tenants that they also had issues) on the official disclosure when you sign your lease. Please be VERY careful.

I lived there for 1.5 years. I had my apt sprayed several times, dry cleaned ALL my clothing several times and to no avail. Basically, there are rent controlled apartments in the building that management wants to renovate and therefore I don't think the bed bug treament those tenanats receive is a aggressive as the treatment residents paying market rents receive. This is my hunch as after treatment the bed bugs would always return. When I looked closely I spotted twice the bugs crawling down my

wall from the apt above (rent controlled and unsealed - the tenants complained that the floors had cracks). It was a recurring nightmare. Our neighbors below us also had them despite several treatments.

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