8 Stuyvesant Ovl
New York, NY 10009-2446

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I found two dead bed bugs in the laundry room 8 Stuyvesant Oval shares with 10 Stuyvesant Oval. One was in with my laundry in machine 5, but had been dead for a while. I was horrified, thinking the bed bug had possibly come from my laundry.

However, I later found another dead bed bug on the floor in front of dryer 20, and blood smears near the garbage can where others had been killed.

I called management to inform them of the situation.

Apartment 10F
I was told that my neighbor in 10F has bedbugs

I was called by management and was informed that my neighbor on the 10th floor has bed bugs. Several folks guessed the apartment as people are constantly in and out of the apartment. I have lived here for 13.5 years and have never had heard of bedbugs on my floor until today.

I noticed 2 adult bed bugs by my apartment door at 12pm on 10/14. Then again on 10/16 around 11pm trying to crawl under my apartment door. I put up flyers on my floor alerting the neighbors of the problem and that one of them was the source of the infestation. Turns out, my elderly neighbor in 3h is the problem. He admitted to a another neighbor after being confronted that he has had bugs for a couple weeks... which probably means months since the ones i saw were full on adults. He tried to s

olve the problem by putting plastic over his mattress. After that didn't work, he put in an order for a new mattress. Thank god the neighbor told him to cancel the order and call the management company. Stuytown could only confirm he has bed bugs but I am worried that he is unable to perform the proper pre and post treatment preventative measures necessary. As long as he lives there, there will probably be a problem. The guy needs to be evicted immediately and put in a home. He can barely care for himself and is a health hazard to everyone he comes in contact with.

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