85 2nd Ave, Apt 4
New York, NY 10003-8629

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Use the only HEALTH CANADA REGISTERED Bed Bug Powder - Diatomaceous Earth.

Contact the Canada Bed Bug Prevention Center direct 604.628-1929 or email [email protected]

My Name is alexander Shkolnik i am the owner of the building 85 second ave new york ny 10003.
I truly can say that there was NEVER any bedbugs in my building
Its very stressful to know that there are people that wright nothing but lise on this site. I would Love to invite anyone to come and see my building and look for him self that this building is well maintained and in a great condition all of the units are renovated with marble bath and granit kitchen and brand new hardwood floors
the p

erson that wright about my building here rented my all building and was paying $2000 for 900 sqf per unit 3 all together in prime east village back then there was a club downstairs and i gave it to them with the club for very cheep i never had any bed bugs in this building
when the club close they had to move out and give me an empty building and i did lots of great work after they moved out
And that after she dont like to move out even after her lease and up

i have paid for exterminator to check the all building and he found no bed bugs what so ever.

just so you know the truth

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Found bedbugs after a week of what I'd thought were allergies. Landlord initially seemed proactive and hired exterminator, but wouldn't hire a dog and told me not to "alarm" the other tenants. He didn't search or exterminate the other units in the building. That's his MO: do the bare minimum and do it cheap. I just moved. Too many years of moldy pipes, mice, and months of waiting and begging for services. (And now, begging for security deposit!) Upon moving out, I insisted on the dog b/c I didnt

want to move bugs with me. The dog alerted for bugs, so I trashed my furniture. This nightmare cost over $3000...and he tried to make me pay for the "elective" search. That building has cheapish rent for a reason...and probably still has bugs. Beware.

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