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214 E 10th St
New York, NY

Discovered Bed Bugs here June of 2005. I had been feeling the severe discomfort of the bitings for months and had no clue what the source was, and finally discovered bugs one day. Called the landlord and he wasn't very helpful, offered to have his exterminator come over on the first business day (it was the weekend) and i wasn't interested in waiting it out with the bugs so i called an exterminator. My lease was up in August so i found a new place and moved

out a month early and just paid double rent for July. Threw out all my furniture and most of my clothes. The worst part of the whole ordeal was the paranoia, at the time i couldn't find much resource wise online, and now it looks like there are some good sites adressing the issue in nyc. Just recently discovered this site and wanted to share my experience.

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