346 E 13th St
New York, NY 10003-5801

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I lived in this building several years ago in apartment 10. Both my apartment and our neighbors (maybe 9?) had bed bugs that lived in the brick wall we shared. We were never able to get rid of the problem, even with the exterminator coming to both apartments very regularly. Eventually I bagged up pretty much everything I owned in black garbage bags, and sealed with tape, and lived out of the bags.

I know the problem as has been in the building since at least 2001, b/c the exterminator once l

eft an invoice in our kitchen listing service history for bed bugs dating back to 2001.

When I moved out I discard every piece of furniture I owned as well as a lot of my clothes. Super expensive and really sad.

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Bed bugs in apartment 2 for 2 years now.

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