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It is 11/29/10 at time of this posting. About 3 weeks ago started getting bites. Went online quickly identified bites as BB, but thought I could take care of it myself. Quickly realized this was not possible and got Knockout Pest Control rated A+ with BBB and they came with Camilla the dog and identified areas in Apt. with bugs. Had 1 treatment last week and still getting some serious bites. 2 more tratments to go, every other week. Now sleeping on bare bed, no sheets or pillowcasses, drying any

clothes I haven't thrown out in high heat for 40 minutes. Packing everthing in plastic bags, bought passive barriers and other stuff to detect and prevent BB infestation. Told landlord today and they offerred no help so far and asked me to send them the report after the last treatment. Have spent approx $2000 so far. It's a nightmare you don't wake up from.

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Bed bugs have been reported since July 1st 2009. Management Company failed to take care of it properly. Had exterminators inspect without dog 3 times and found nothing. Complaints were still made and tenants were covered in bites. Finally after 3 months of complaints, management co. sent in the bedbug "dog". Bedbugs were found all over apt.! Tenant has moved out into hotel,etc. Pre extermination work was completed. Extermination was finally done. Tenant has not moved back in yet. It is now Sept.

23rd! Management is only willing to cover cost of extermination and inspection. All other costs are forced upon tenant. Including the last 3 months of living in a bedbug infested apt.!!!!!!

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