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Around 9PM on December 7, 2010 in room 708 of the North Building in New Year Ear & Eye Infirmary, while sitting on the chain near the entrance of room 708 I noticed a bug crawling across the top of my left thigh. I had been sitting on that chair for at least 5 minutes, watching video on my ipod.

I got up immediately, swatted the bug onto the floor and then tried to squash it. It took me a couple of tries before it was flattened. I initially thought it was a small roach but upon closer inspect

ion and comparison to research I did on the internet it was definitely a bed bug.

I wrapped the bug in a tissue and security took the bed bug. I also took pictures of it and another visitor at that hospital confirmed it's a bed bug as he stated he hunts a lot and know that's definitely not a tick.

We have never and fortunately not had any issues with bed bugs so it's not like we brought it to this place. Before we entered our house we made sure to strip off our clothes and wash them repeatedly.

I reported this to the hospital management but they never confirmed the bug they received. If you go to that hospital then please be careful. Don't sit on any chairs that has cracks or crevices.

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