200 E 15th St
New York, NY 10003-3901

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My cousin's friend lives in this building and I heard that it affected two floors 9th and 10th.

Hi Amanda-
I am considering moving in to this building but am very fearful of the previous issue with bedbugs.

Did you friend move out? Do you know which floor she was living on? If you have any details about how the building handled it (not of the acutal infestation) that would be great!

Please advise.


A friend of mine had bed bugs at this location for about 6-9 months of 2010. This is a very old building with open vents, so it was almost impossible to get rid of them. The exterminator came multiple times. They assumed it was so hard to get rid of them because the exterminator would come and they would hide in the cracks or vents and then come back once the fumes were gone. The apartments surrounding my friend's all were infested as well. About 3 months ago (February of 2011) is the last time

they saw any trace of them, hopefully this means they are gone...but they can go awhile without feeding.

see full report...

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