100 Forsyth St, Apt 15
New York, NY 10002-5102

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Not for #15, but I almost signed a lease for apt #14. Wasn't until I saw the addendum to the lease indicating a recent bed bug history that they disclosed the situation. The Building Manager came and spoke to me about my concerns, and he indicated that the first bed bug infestation was only found and treated within the past month. From the previous account, this was clearly a lie.

I smelled that something was fishy (the Building Manager wasn't making eye contact, and his explanation contra

dicted itself at times), so I backed out of the lease signing immediately. I'm SO GLAD that I did, especially after reading this prior account of the building.

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This building is heavily infested. The week of my move in (early February 2011) I noticed a mouse crawl in and out of a radiator hole in my living room. The next day I called the landlord - Marolda Properties regarding this. They remedied that situation the next day. But in a careless manner. I patched up the whole and also spackled the baseboards in the apartment by myself. I asked the landlord to do this, but they did a terrible job. They finished just half of the bedroom. With all the holes i

n the apartment patched up (even the bathroom vents), I felt safe. Until mid-April 2011. I was on my couch and noticed a small white bug crawling on my arm. I was horrified. I knew this was a bedbug. I killed it and placed it in a ziplock bag for identification. I showered at 2AM same night and placed a few clothes and my laptop in a garbage bag and left for a friends place. I immediately laundered all my clothes that night. I woke up the next day with over 95 bed bug bites. I went to the doctor. I was traumatized and took a week off work. The next day I arranged for my furniture and be moved by a reliable bed bug aware moving company for storage and vikane treatment. I did not want to live here anymore. I terminated my lease and have been living at a friends place ever since. It's September 2011. I'm still traumatized and stressed out.

The building itself is filled with Chinese residents who seem to just bring in more relatives in and out of the building.

I wish I had never moved in this apartment.

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