101 Bowery
New York, NY 10002-4900

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May 8-9, 2015. Stayed at the World Hotel, 101 Bowery NYC and woke up itching. The bed was crawling with bedbugs. I have photos. The hotel doesn't care. We are still treating my suitcase.

Me and my girlfriend booked a room at the World Hotel in Chinatown for the 21th of December to 27th of December. After two nights we were covered with bites, the beds were full of them. We left after two days and the hotel said that a refund was impossible. When went to another hotel there were still bedbugs coming out of our clothes and bags. When we were back in Europe we even found them! And the itchy spots were all over our bodies for over three weeks.


Yeah I got bed bug bites while staying here also :(

I stayed in new world hotel for 9 days. On the the 9th day i had over 500 red spots on me and got very worried. I have identified the bedbugs with 100% certenty. I am very concerned i have brougt them home with me.

My friend was staying at the (New) World Hotel for two nights for a wedding.

Everything seemed find upon arrival. The next morning, she felt something crawling on her and noticed it was a bug; so she squished it until it died. The bug was shaped about the size of a watermelon seed and it released a deep red, blood like substance when it got squished. So we searched the Internet to identify the bug and with our query, most results identify it as a bedbug.

So we further inspect the room for

more signs of bedbugs. We found random spotty red blood stains on the side of the box springs, walls, and bedding.

So after we've concluded that there may be bedbugs in the room, my friend proceed to tell the front desk. However, they did not seem concerned or put forth any effort to identify the problem. They told my friend there were no vacancies and they cannot help her.

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