326 7th Ave, Apt 3
New York, NY 10001-5007

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Apparently we had bedbugs in October 2009 that were not discovered until January 2010. Once they were discovered, we found that they had infested the bed and box spring in our bedroom and were found in my husband's keyboard which was on the other side of the wall in the apartment. Needless to say, I was in shock and freaked out, but I began to prepare for the extermination process. I washed, dry cleaned or steamed everything we owned, had a team of experts come in to wrap, cover and spray ev

erything, and $2000 later, we were ready for the exterminators. The landlady sent her regular exterminator to spray some sort of chemical in the apartment, which killed the bedbugs for a few months. But in July 2010 they came back, although the landlady claimed we "brought them back". We again spent around $2000 to prepare for another spraying and this time the same exterminator was sent back to us. He reluctantly sprayed the entire apartment, which was what I had requested from his boss and again, the bedbugs were gone. We moved in November 2010 as I did not want to experience a re-occurrence of this problem, as I believe the bedbugs were always lying dormant in the wall cracks of the apartment, of which there are many. I just hope the new tenants don't have to suffer through this.

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