370 8th Ave
New York, NY 10001-4849

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I also stayed at that hotel for about 3n half weeks it was probably the worst place that I have ever set foot in. From the first nite I stayed ther I didn't realize that I was bein attacked by bedbugs until I asked my mother inlaw about my bite marks all over my arms n legs, I thougt they were mosquito bites n she told me that they were bedbug bites. Man that happened every nite. The place is alfull the walls hav holes I didn't mice but I saw a lot of droppings but they were kinda large so I rea

lly believe they r rats in there aloso but it is true the health inspectors need to go there n shut the place down its horrible in there but also the people that reside in there also..

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This place has had bugs, according to residents who have lived there that long, for a good ten years.
In my room, I collected so far 3685 in about 3 months.
There are about 115 rooms + a restaurant.
The problem is that there are so many cracks in the walls, and rooms cannot be sealed from other rooms, - the drop ceilings permit mice to defecate on wire which serves as the ceiling.
Garbage can lids are routinely NOT placed on cans, mice run in and out. Mice have been noted to carry the bu

We estimate that in a year there are 1,400,000 bugs. One bug can multiply by a factor of 200. They love the cracks in the walls to breed.
I have told the management plenty of times that they need to completely paint over every crack, change the ceiling configuration, change the doors which are full of holes and do not meet the door frames so mice can enter at will - you get the picture.
They were polite at first but never took action, despite my example of painting my room. Now they hate my guts - I took them to court and when their lawyer said this was a model building, put him flat in his place. Model building? The guy never set foot inside...
This is called by some of the locals Ground Zero. But with all the knowledge of it, residents and neighbours are slow or afraid to complain. Some people do not want their name used.
I guess I have to break the ice. I have lived on & off in NYC since 1963, and I am going to take action on its behalf.
So what are the authorities doing? Not much...one of my 311 complaints only elicited a note telling me that the landlord claimed it was all hunky dory, and if I disagreed I should reply in 5 days...5 days being the 26 July, and I got the letter on 24 July, postmarked 22 July...the 24/25th were the weekend, so I had one day to get to an obscure address up in Harlem - 94 Old Broadway.
Since I have heard nothing back. Who is taking action? It seems nobody, so I will. And I can be a mean SOB if I have to...nice guys have left us with bedbugs in a city where the latest 'action' on them is that the mayor decided to set up a website...a website? The city needs to close this building and fumigate, not with the ineffective sprays that some pest company has been using there, but with something that kills them all - then have the owner change the pockmarked walls and wire ceilings and start anew.
Otherwise NY may fall prey to these and lose its tourist industry.

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