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If management was treating your outlets then someone RIGHT next to you probably has/had them. The same thing happened to me. The management wouldn't tell me, but I got it out from the exterminator that it was someone right next to me. Two months later, I found a bed bug. Luckily I caught it in time. Go out and get mattress, pillow, and boxspring encasements NOW. And, ask management to caulk up your apartment.

I think we have a right to know how close an infestation is.

I was contacted by the management office last month and told that an exterminator would visit my apartment to place repellant in the electrical outlets. It seems there was an infested apartment close enough to mine that they were concerned that my apartment would also become infested. When I asked where the apartment was located (I wanted to know how close), they wouldn't tell me. I then asked the exterminator the same question and he wouldn't tell me either, stating privacy issues. I check

the bed, the sofa, the chairs, the floor, the walls, but have luckily not seen anything. I still would feel better knowing if the infested apartment was immediately above or below me (so that I can be more vigilent in looking for these creatures), or a few floors away, but I can understand management's policy not to divulge this information. Anyway, management seems to be following the problem closely and taking action when necessary.

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Sometime within the past few months, an infestation occurred in the apartment of a mentally ill cooperator on the 13th floor of our 21-floor building. He was removed to a different setting, but not before the infestation got so bad that there were bedbugs crawling out in the hallway around his apartment.

Management has been good about sending in exterminators, but not before other cooperators started noticing signs of infestation. It remains to be seen how and whether the problem will be bro

ught under control.

February 2009

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