325 W 30th St, Apt D1
New York, NY 10001-2703

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I lived in this building and the apartment was completely infested with roaches. Then I saw signs on the neighbor's door from an exterminator saying bed bugs had been found on the premises.

I've lived in New York for 6 years so I'm not typically scared of mice/roaches/bed bugs/etc. But the level of infestation was absolutely absurd. I ended up breaking my lease and moving out altogether.

I signed a new lease on feb 1st, 2011 and a few days later I found a live bedbug in my apartment. I called the super to report it and questioned if there were bedbugs prior to me moving in. He told me there has never been bedbugs in the building. The next day there were exterminators in my apt. I thought this was odd and started questioning other neighbors. My neighbors admitted to a prior bedbug infestation that has been happening 2 months prior and landowners were aware of the problem. The sup

er nor the landlord of Chelsmore apartments informed me of this and had me move into the apartment eventhough my next door neighbor had a huge infestation. They lied to me! Anyway after the 2nd fumigation at my new apartment, I got bitten 11 times on my face and legs. I addressed the problem to management and they were emotionless. I wanted to vacate the apartment immediately and asked for all my prepaid rent/security. They refused to give me all my money and I had to get lawyers involved. I'm also a student so u can imagine the huge stress. I suffered emotionally, physically, and financially with Chelsmore apartments. I moved out a few days before March without another place to live. These landlords are greedy and don't care about any ones wellbeing but there own. stay away from them! FYI the brokers who found me this infested apt is a company called Best Apartments so beware of them as well. They did not care and refused to help me through all of this.

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