312 W 34th St, New York
New York, NY 10001-2401

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Was bitten all over my neck at this theater.
Definitely has a bed bug problem.
Theater #1 last row

I was at a Screening last week at the AMC 34 Street and I couldn't believe what I saw. TWO reddish bedbugs scampering on the back/top of the seat right in front of me! I warned the lady seated in that seat, and she immediately stood up and ran out.
On the way out,I told the kid who claimed to be the Assistant Manager, and all he said was, "We know, we know."

I was sitting in the seat by the middle of one of the center top rows of auditorium 7 for an afternoon movie yesterday when I felt itchy in the back of my left leg where the leg folds, behind the kneecap. I felt the swelling up of what seemed to be two side-by-side bites. Thinking they were the doings of a mosquito at first, I tried to stay focused on the movie when not long thereafter I felt the itchy swelling up of another set of bites on the same leg, near the same location. Obviously and mos

t unfortunately I couldn't disrupt the movie and its audience to turn on my flashlight and investigate the edge of the seat, on or near which the bit areas of my leg rested. I had trouble fully enjoying the movie for fear that I may further be feasted on by what I by this time concluded to be the blood-sucking critters called bed bugs. I hurried to leave the auditorium as soon as the movie ended and found a total of nine closely located bites by the aforementioned region of my left leg and five such bites on the same location of my right leg, which I wishfully thought were not bitten. I went straight to my tub fully clothed to wash myself and my clothes free of the possibility of any bed bug having taken itself on a free ride to my home. Being a victim of a total of 12 bites and of the panic and fear I underwent after paying myself for the horrid experience, I write this to warn the next theater-goer to avoid this particular location at all cost. While I wish I could have seen it before my visit yesterday, I'm not surprised by the account posted a year prior by another witness who even found a fully feasted bed bug. I hope that the theater take immediate action to exterminate the bed bugs once and for all.

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Oh yes, there ARE bedbugs in the AMC 34th Street!!
On December 23rd, I went to a movie there, and right upon leaving, just as I was about to exit the lobby, I saw a fat bedbug right on my coat sleeve!
It was big, reddish and brown; and it appeared as if it just feasted on somebody there.
I went over to the girl who was checking tickets by the up escalator and reported the incident--telling her I could probably show her the dead bedbug (I stepped on it.); she said to email AMC (yea,sure...).


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