700 Forest St
Reno, NV 89509-1751

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Casson Apartments in Old Southwest Reno consists of 5 separated apartment buildings. In my building alone there are 3 cases of bedbugs. Management expects tenants to pay for eradication.

I moved in 8/2010 with no knowledge of this. After moving in I found that one tenant had an active case of bedbugs which is resistant to all methods used by professionals so far.

I found my featherbed infested but no other signs. I took proactive measures washing and drying everything in the apartment th

oroughly, buying a new bed which I sealed the box spring and mattress in heavy plastic and spreading diatamaceous earth.
I see no signs of infestation but have found bites once since. I could have been bitten in another tenants unit.

My next door neighbor has an active case for which nothing is being done at the moment. Management seems unconcerned and continues to rent apartments. The individual apartments all have separate addresses but 700 Forest is the general address.

I have no knowledge of whether the other buildings have infestations, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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