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I stayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas on December 21, 2012, Room 16350 East Tower. After leaving the hotel I noticed several bite marks on my right forearm and left hand. By 2pm on 12/22, my forearm was swollen, red with a red line running from the bite marks up the inside upper arm towards my armpit (blood poisoning!!). The red swelling is now down but still itching.

Stayed in the Pyramid deluxe room on the 6th floor. Did a thorough search. No signs of bed bugs whatsoever.

Checked in from 5/23/12-5/26/12. Did a thorough search. No signs of bedbugs anywhere.

Stayed in the pyramid, room 17020, from 4/3 - 4/10/2012 and had no signs of any bugs. room was nice and clean, we would be happy to stay there again.

I stayed in the Pyramid Tower - Room 19068. I was there from Sunday, July 17 and checked out the morning of Thursday, July 21. I checked the beds and sheets, and am happy to report that there were no bed bugs. The room was very neat and clean, and I would stay at the Luxor again.

We stayed at the Luxor July 21-24 2011 room number 5074 and we stripped each bed of the sheets and there was no sign of any bed bugs. We couldn't move the headboard because it was attached to the wall. We did move the end table and there wasn't anything. We lifted the mattress right up to see under it and on the box spring and again nothing. The mattress set did look quite new so maybe there had been an infestation in the past. Very basic room, kinda dirty, didn't smell too good either but

at least no bed bugs. I probably wouldn't stay there again.

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We stayed at the Luxor March 7-10, 2010 and had NO PROBLEMS at all with bed bugs. I checked the sheets and mattresses when we entered the room and it was very clean. I would stay there again.

Where: Luxor Hotel
When: Feb. 6th, 2011
Room#: 10062- in the pyramid

On Feb. 6th, 2011, my husband and I checked into the Luxor. We were given keys to room#10062. Knowing that hotels in Vegas have had many complaints about bedbugs, I decided to do some research before hand. The first thing we did when we got to the room was to take off the sheets and remove the mattress pad. Right away we saw little black specks all over the seams of the mattress. Upon closer inspection, we could

actually see lots of little brown bugs crawling all over the bed! At this point, the room clearly had an infestation, but we decided to look behind the headboard anyway. Sure enough, the was more flecking, and we even saw many little groups of white eggs.
I called down to the front desk immediately to request a transfer of rooms. The man on the phone acted as though I was lying and he seemed annoyed by my wanting to switch rooms. He finally agreed to move us to an upgraded room in the tower.(This room was clean) The man told me "Just tell the front desk what room you are and they will know the situation."
We went back down to the front desk to turn in our old keys and get the new ones. The lady at the front desk had no idea we were coming down and when I explained, again, what was going on she didn't believe me either! She kept giving me weird looks and flat out told me that I was wrong about the room having bedbugs, but that she would move us to a new room anyways. I asked if I could go up to the room with somebody to show them all the evidence of bedbugs and she said "No, we do not allow our guests to go back into the rooms. We are sending our maid up right away to check it out and clean it up." What is a maid going to do? Remake the bed and hope the next guest doesn't know to look for bedbugs?
Sure enough, shortly there after, there were new guests staying in the bedbug infested room. There is no way the Luxor actually threwout the old bed and got the room treated before the new guests got put in there. I was so disgusted by the whole incident that I will NEVER stay at the Luxor again. They obviously don't care about the cleanliness of their rooms or the well-being of their guests.

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We are staying at the Luxor right now (staying 7 total days). We had to change rooms due an air conditioner problem. There were no signs of bed bugs in either rooms. We have had no problem.

I stayed at the luxor in a jacuzi suite sept 6 2010 to sept 9th sept 2010 I was atacked by bed bugs head to toe i have never had any experience with them before. There are alot of them in that hotel beware donot stay at the luxor till they have adressed there bed bug issue

ROOM 7152
woke up at 7am to feeling of biting on my body. looked at my bed under window light and saw blood streaks on one of the white pillows. found a small bug crawling on one of the pillows, squished it easily and blood pops out of its body onto the pillow. I promptly called down to the front desk to speak to a manager and report the problem. They sent security upstairs to take pictures of the bed. 2 officers were present, a male and a female. I told them to take the biological samp

le of the bug body to a lab to verify that it was indeed a bedbug. While security staff was writing a report they found ANOTHER bug with their own eyes and put the live bug in a plastic bag. When I asked if any other hotel guests had complained of this problem, they said, "they weren't at liberty to discuss such matters."

I didn't have a lot of stuff or bags. I put all my stuff into the bathroom and inspected for any bugs under the flourescent lite. I didn't find any. Bedbugs are slow crawling and bigger than fleas. they do not jump or move very fast so they are easier to spot and kill. I was REALLY relieved that the officers witnessed the insects themselves because they tried to take pictures of bite marks and since i had just gotten them 2 hours before there were no photographable marks, but you could tell i had been bitten because the areas were red.

Management had to persuaded to give me a $40 food credit to my room. I told them that I didn't feel safe staying in other rooms in the hotel and that I wanted to leave. They compensated the problem by giving me one of their best suites, rm 7223, which is in a wing that is far nicer than the one that I was just in.

Upon arrival in my new suite, I pulled off the cover and looked in between the mattresses to see if i could find any bugs. The sheets in these hotel rooms are stark white so it makes their red bodies very easy to find. I don't know if there are bed bugs in this new room, but from my experience with this recent incident and previous flea infestations has taught me that bugs will appear after a couple of minutes of being absolutely statue still waiting for them to appear.

I CAN ONLY HOPE that because this new room is one of the nicest ones that they seem to have in the hotel that the rooms and mattresses are inspected and discarded more regularly than the previous room.

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Stayed at the Luxor Pyramid in Vegas on Nov 3 - 11, 2007 in room 7033. Stayed in the Pryamid rooms which were quite run down, dirty carpet, NO FITTED SHEET so everytime you moved in bed the sheets got all twisted up. Last night there could not sleep as I kept itching all over and decided to just get up and watch TV. Turned on the light and first thing I see was a bug in the bed. I had never seen a bed bug but when I pulled the sheets back there were several in bed. I began hitting them with remo

te and blood just popped out (apparently MINE)... Contacted the front desk and they sent a security guard up with a camera to take pictures but by the time he arrived they had all scurried back to their hiding place. At the time I didnt notice any bites but later when I got home that evening the bites began to swell and redden. Gave up counting after about 100 bites. They moved me to another room (7233) for the last few hours of the night until I checked out which I was thankful for and should have stayed in the towers where the moved me to start with as they are TEN times nicer than the pyramid rooms. The first manager I talked with offered me a comped breakfast which I turned down and when the security guard escorted me to the other room he asked me if I needed a key. Since I was checking out in the morning I told him No at first then decided to shower and take the manager up on the comped breakfast. So I went down and talked to the clerk and he made me feel like I had broken into the new room or something because I didnt have a key. I explained very quietly as not to embarrass the hotel in front of other guest but he stated very smartly that they did not operate that way insinuating that a guard would not just let me in the room like that. He reluctantly gave me a key. At that point I asked to speak to his manager who 'finally' made an appearance many minutes later and asked whats the problem. I explained the situation and told him the other manager whom I spoke with on the phone and I did not remember her name had offered me a comped breakfast for the Bed Bug incident and I decided to take her up on the offer since I was obviously not going to crawl into another bed there. He pulled up the information on the computer and I could see where the BED BUG incident had been logged as the monitor was turned just enough for me to see but he said he could not give me the breakfast because he did not authorize it and since I didnt know the name of the other manager he could not give it to me. I asked him why they do not indicate which clerk or manager logs information such as this. Both the clerk and the front desk manager made me feel like I WAS LIAR about the whole incident just to get a free breakfast. Disgusted, I walked away saying very loudly 'No problem about the breakfast, and NO PROBLEM FOR YOUR GUYS BED BUGS". I immediately went to my room and gathered my luggage and went back to the front desk to check out and asked the young lady who was at the counter at the time to pass on a message to the two black men who made me feel like a liar. That message was to "KISS MY WHITE ASS!!!!!!!!!"

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