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Las Vegas, NV 89119-1004

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My son and I stayed at the Luxor on Feb 11 and 12, 2012. On Feb 14th, back at home, my son found 2 live adult bedbugs crawling on his bedding. He woke up on the 6th day after the hotel visit with a rash of small bites on the underside of his forearm. We had a professional dog sniffer visit our apt for a fee of $125 and he smelled live bugs in my son's closet where the suitcase was placed. Now we are dealing with the cleanup but the report is that it is not a major infestation at this time.

I haven't called the hotel yet but plan to do that asap.

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July 2011

I recently stayed at the Luxor in July 2011 and had no issues with bed bugs. We had a pyramid room and it was clean and there was no indication of any bed bugs.

August 19, 2009
Luxor Las Vegas
Room 12095

We arrived at Luxor Hotel at 5pm. After sleeping in the bed for 4 hours, we found a large blood stain under the pillow, but there were no smear stains on the pillow. (Does this mean that the sheets were not cleaned?) A few minutes later, we found 8-10 red bugs that spewed blood when they were smashed.

Management was very disappointing. They left us in a new room without our things or new clothes to change into for 10 hours and then in the morni

ng they had us take our luggage to a laundromat 3 miles away. We spent two days of our vacation fighting, frustrated, tired, dirty, and doing laundry.

It took almost 2 hours of negotiating to get the manager to comp us food and 2 nights without signing liability papers. Not to mention that they did not even apologize for the situation until the next morning. They finally agreed to pay for our hospital bill if we opted for a check up. (This should be a given, no?)

I found two bites that cold be from the bed bugs. Been feeling itchy all over for 3 days. I read that sometimes bites don't show or they take up to 9 days... Will be waiting.

Travelers be weary!

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