Queen St
Halifax, NS B3J

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I don't see a report forJoe Howe Manor, Victoria Rd. Halifax, Senior's Building but my mother had been through enough with bedbugs there, twice now in her apt. She is 88 and this is a shame as we have had to throw out her new mattress, sofas and now again! And if we put her in the nOrth wood tower they are there also so it is a real terrible situation!

I live in 1186 Queen Street.It is a senior citizen Bldg. We have had bedbugs for the last three months or more. Last night our security quard found some from the common room on the 3rd floor. I have found bites on my lower lgs (again).I had had them on down my back at one time. We have had ORKIN Pest control in at least a dozen times. There was a story about them being here in the Frank Magazine acouple of issues back.

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