5651 Ogilvie St
Halifax, NS B3H

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November 21st, 2014
A relative recently moved into a unit in this building. I spent a few nights there and for the past week I have been itching like Crazy. Just found out it was bedbugs. definitely suspect I got it from staying here using deductive reasoning.

My boyfriend has been living there since last September, and hasn't had a problem so far. About only a month ago, i realized that I am getting bites all over my body. Mostly on my arms and legs. He did too. He sprayed the apartment about a week ago without any change. It is kind of gross, at night they are crawling up the walls and all over the carpet, because everything is carpeted there. Even if he sprays the place, if the other apartments don't, the bugs are going to stay in the walls and tra

vel all over the building. The infestation is pretty bad and spreading...

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December 2011 - March 2012

On the fourth floor we found a nest of bed bugs after being bitten repeatedly and not knowing what it was. Chris took care of it quickly but they did not send exterminators back the second time to verify they were gone and they came back 2 more times. Chris is now gone and the lady who has taken his place is DREADFULL!! She will not respond to calls (blown fuses) past 10pm and was extremely rude concerning the bed bug infestation. It took repeated calls to get the

m to spray again. Such a pain, along with the construction and parking nazi, this place sucks. Rooms are old, windows dont hold heat and the staff couldn't be worse. I warned you!

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Please, spare yourself the psychological and physical torture, and DO NOT LIVE HERE.

Every night I was viciously attacked by bed bugs. I was left with huge red itchy welts all over every morning. I'd had the unfortunate experience(s) of waking up to find them crawling all over me on more than one occasion.

My boyfriend was not getting bitten, because some people don't react to the bites, but I was literally covered. It got to the point where I couldn't sleep at night.

We tried to get

rid of them ourselves several times, to no avail. Steam cleaned carpets, sprayed, vacuumed, washed everything, got bed bug covers, powders, EVERYTHING. We aren't unclean and didn't bring in dirty mattresses or old furniture- we got them because this building is literally crawling with them. Completely disgusting.

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I am one of the live in building managers at this address. I just moved in two weeks ago and do not have any bedbugs. I heard this rumour after I had already moved in, and was very upset and worried. I bought bed bug covers just on case and havent had any problems so far. I am constantly on the lookout for bedbugs as Im sure I would die if I found some in my bed. Hiowever, people have to realize, this is a countrywide problem and has been for the past few years. bedbugs are on the rise everywher

e, not just this building. They come from travel and can also be found in some of the best hotels in the country right now. Its a part of life, like headlice or felas....you just have to deal with it. Im sure its easier said than done, but thats just the way it is. It isnt fair to spread nasty words about one building when most buildings in the city are dealing with this issue. When youre moving, youre takign a chance of contracting them even just by renting a moving truck. It doesnt help when tenants in the building are constantly dumpster diving. A little common sense could go a long way there. Im enjoying living ehre so far, its lovely,and all the tenants seem really nice.I hope I never get bedbugs but if I do, its not the end of the world.

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This building is crawling with bedbugs. We were never informed of the problem, and our unit became infested. It was not until we complained that we were informed they have had ongoing problems with these pests! At first they were very quick to have an exterminator come in, however the extermination was not completed, they were supposed to come back after a week to kill anything missed the first time but they failed to do so. After this nothing was done to help us and it has been a year from hel

l struggling to get rid of these bugs.
This is a multi-unit building in a great neighbourhood. We have spoken to many residents in this building and they all have told us they have bed bugs too. Until they are willing to spend the money to have this building properly exterminated I do not reccomend moving here.

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