5538 Inglis St
Halifax, NS B3H

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Well I stayed at the lodge for a couple weeks, I'm originally from New York and I've travelled to many many places around the world, I highly assure you there is no bed bugs. it's not the best but it sure is not the worst! It is clean and safe for a family. I'm sharing from my experiences at this place. From reading these comments there is obviously some jealous people, But I speak the truth and only the truth. thanks for your time. :)

I had the pleasure of running this property for a few years until the bed bug plaque hit the property, I beleive it came from a tenant who moved from brunswick towers and brought them with her, the owner Joe Ghosn, also owns the lexington on robie by the commons has no intention on ridding the problem, he sees as his way of getting a demoliotin permit to put a new building there where this heritage building now stands, built in 1833 by john trider JR, then taken by the Keith family (brewery)...p

est manangement knew of the bedbug problem to begin with, they didnt do anything but ask, is anyone complaining?....and then it contiuned......

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place has been infested for over 3 years now

The Inglis Lodge. I feel bad. It's the poorest of the poor who live here and pay weekly or monthly. Aside from being a complete fire hazard it is infested with bed bugs. Infested. Worst I've ever seen. Twice I was forced to stay here due to no vacancies anywhere in the city.
The whole building just infested.
People covered in bites. Bed Bugs bite three times to feed. Some are allergic to the bites. Those cases are astonishing. Regular bite are just ugly.
The owner Joe Ramia just laughs it of

f and says if I get rid of them I have to get rid of you too.

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I had stayed over the summer and multiple customers were complaining! It was disgusting seeing peoples traps filled with them!

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