5415 Victoria Rd
Halifax, NS B3H

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I moved in to south point apartments on Victoria rd in August 2010. In August 2010 I started getting itchy little bumps on my finger and then in threes on my arm. I ruled out the possibility of bed bugs - I had new furniture, nothing used. MANAGEMENT HAD TOLD ME THERE WERE ZERO PEST ISSUES - THAT INCLUDES BED BUGS. Well sure enough in September I was still being bitten so I figured it wouldn't hurt to look. I found bed bugs. I had to wash all that was fabric in my apartment, which cost a lot of

money because the laundry facilities are coin operated. The apartment got fumigated the first time and the pest control company (orkin) said the problem was very minor. They said they would come back in two weeks and fumigate again. So instead of staying in the apartment for those two weeks and living out of bags, I stayed about an hour out of the city making my commute to school very frustrating in the mornings. After moving back in once two weeks was over, I started getting bitten again. I couldn't believe it! I threw everything out (mattress, box spring, lamps, curtains, etc) and I washed and vacuumed everything. Yet again I needed to have the place fumigated. I figured I wasn't the problem anymore so I went next door to inform my neighbor that yes, I have bed bugs. I wanted to make sure they weren't being infested from me as well. Well.... They were the problem. They had bugs EVERYWHERE in the bedroom. Finally I decided to move away. And after throwing out hundreds of dollars in clothing and bedding, and vacuuming my stuff everyday and washing and drying my stuff everyday, I am bed bug free. Now I am left traumatized and living in fear each time I move somewhere new or stay in a hotel. Thanks a lot south point apartments - get your act in gear!! Do not live here - infested and management could care less.

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