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This "anonymous" moved into our building on Sept 1, 2014. They never report any issues or concerns to us until Sept 30, 2014. On September 30, the building owner and superintendent went to talk to them regarding to they disposed furnitures and mattress in the hall way and outside of garbage bin which they were not supposed to on Sept 29, 2014. Then they suddenly told us it was because they have found bedbugs in the wood frame of her roommate's bed. As a landlord, we immediately assist them to ar

range for pest control service. During the meeting between both tenants and the property manager, the tenant (who got bitten) states that there is no way she can't afford the cost for the exterminator since she is a student. In the end of meeting, the tenant and the manager came to an agreement of each paying 50% for the service. Also, the tenant also indicated that she has those itchy rash symptoms easily due to her sensitive skin even back in summer when she was outside of the province. Moreover, she indicated she was swimming in a lake at the beginning of September.

On Oct 1, 2014, Pest control was on site at their apartment to do a proper service. During the service, the exterminator did an initial investigation and did not physically discover any bedbugs in the whole apartment unit. Everything was all based on tenants’ statement. Moreover, there wasn't any report from the pest control states the apartment is infested.

According to the report we received from the pest control company, second treatment has been done on Oct 8, 2014 and both tenants indicated to the exterminator they have no problem at all after the first treatment which was done on Oct 1, 2014. Moreover, the report states that the exterminator informed the tenant that the possibility of her mattress being infested before she brought into the building. The exterminator also told them if the apartment was infested before they actually moved in, there should be bedbugs evidences found in both bedrooms even the whole apartment, however there were no any evidences of bedbugs found during the initial investigation.

Regarding to what this “anonymous” tenant expressed the fact “we found out that there were other reports that the exterminator had already been in the building prior to us moving in”. The pest control was on site to do a “precautionary spray” approximately two or three months prior not a “bed bug treatment”. During the precautionary spray, there were no bedbug or anything found in the apartment or the building.

Instead of yelling or uncooperative, we have been very patient and nice to assist them to deal with this situation since we first brought to attention on September 30, 2014. We never have this situation occur since we took over the building in 2011. If today, there is a problem in their apartment, both two tenants should have received bites and pest control should have found evidences in their apartment. However as mentioned above, pest control did not discover any bedbugs. In other words, the building is definitely not infested and extremely clean.

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I currently am renting a two bedroom apartment at Chang's Property (995 Mclean St). My roommate and I moved in on September 1 2014 and immediately my roommate started getting bitten by something but I still hadn't had any bites. It took us a few weeks to determine whether it was an allergic reaction or bedbugs. After a month of constant searching we discovered the bedbugs hidden in the wood frame of my roommates bed. She immediately removed the mattress from the apartment and moved the bed fram

e outside the apartment. Later our landlord at Chang's Property inquired to why the bed was in the hall and we indicated to him that we had just discovered bed bugs in the apartment. He then became vey very angry with us and yelling telling us we brought them into the apartment. Several hours later we met with our other landlord and she agreed to pay half of the extermination costs. My roommate and I found this suspicious because why would they agree to do this if they thought we brought them in. On October 1st we had our first extermination of the apartment. It was a huge hassle because everything (clothing sheets bedding) had to be cleaned. We are currently waiting on our second extermination to determine whether the process has worked.

We found out that there were other reports that the exterminator had already been in the building prior to us moving in and believe that they bed bugs were already present in the apartment before we moved in.

I absolutely do not recommend living in this apartment. Our landlord has been extremely uncooperative and we will be seeking legal help for compensation if the issue persists.

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