40 Joseph Young St
Halifax, NS B3A

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Just since March when it was reported that people were in to spray there was no warnings issued and we though that we just had fleas. However today September 20th we have found some on our boxspring and at least one on our mattress. This is disgusting. I think that the whole building is infested the hallways are never cleaned and I feel that the health board should be brought into this and have pco brought to terminate all the units and hallways. We have never and I mean never had this issue bef

ore. It is really disgusting.

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Bed bugs found in more than one unit march/2015.
People were in to check yesterday. Heard them talking and today they were in to spray.

We found bedbugs in the bathroom sink, then found some under the kitchen sink. We checked our mattress and found infestations as well as the box spring. This just happened today Dec 2nd 2012. We have already thrown out the box spring as it was the worst. Contacting management asap. We have been here a year and have had no problems. We think the next door neighbors have them as the tenants have moved out three times in the past year. EW!!! We have never experienced this before and it is awful.

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