27 Jackson Rd
Halifax, NS B3A

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A friend had come over for a visit, with her daughter.
They were texting back and forth during this time. and the daughter sent a text to her mom she had just seen another one of those bugs crawling on her jacket.
Since that visit, the apartment has become infested with bedbugs, every room.
We moved out shortly after.
Recently, a neighbor in the same building had told us (after running into them), that several apartments were severely infested. The building Super had called an exterminator,

but the exterminator did not know what he was doing. As I had to move furnitureaway from walls, wall plates from recepticles and switches, wash and bag clothing and bedding, all before the exterminator had shown up for me, and everything was sprayed, then re-treated 3 weeks later, (this was at the new location, btw). The exterminator called to 27 Jackson Rd. did none of this, left furniture untouched, and simply sprayed open carpets (according to the tenant still there).
All furniture had to be replaced because of this, and even then, with the bugs still residing, fully alive, all the new furniture was toast also. Many tenants moved out due to frustration with this, and could not afford a third set of furniture just to throw it away also.
The Super really has no clue also as to the extent of the problem, as his only desire was to spend as little as possible, at the expense of the tenants.

My problem with the bugs was resolved happily at the new place, but the building at 27 Jackson Rd. itself remains infested, and should be done by a company that has a clue what is required to eradicate this pest, and charge the Super a price that will make him think twice about cheating his tenants out of their furniture and comfort.

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