15 Highfield Park Dr
Halifax, NS B3A

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I moved into 15 highfield park drive mid january 2013 it was a saturday. The following day i was doing laundry and got bit but didnt know what it was. I ignored it at first but i woke up one morning a few days later with more bites. They treated my apartment to no avail. The 2nd time i got bit i ended up at the hospital with severe swelling. I asked to be moved to another unit to no avail. They treated my apartment a second time to only get bit again two days later. A word to the wise do not mov

e to highfield park apartments if you dont want bed bugs

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My son was getting bites, I had no idea what it was from I thought he had an allergy to something. My husband was also getting bites. My daughter was getting bites we checked under her bed and we were completely horrified with the bed bug infestation. Had to through out many things. We have been waiting 2 weeks now for something to be done since we reported it. Do you know how many eggs can be laid in that amount of time? We don't see many any more but we know they're here. They hide well. We ha

ve also spoken with others in the building who say they too have bed bugs. Make sure you do your research people these nasty bugs are hard to get rid of be sure to follow protocol.

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