119 Albro Lake Rd
Halifax, NS B3A

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I can assure the general public and the previous anonymous poster that there was a bedbug incident at this address, and that the Superintendent was made aware. A local pest control company, Braemar Pest Control came to inspect several apartments, and determined that some apartments did indeed have bedbugs, stemming from a particularly bad infestation in one.

There was also absolutely no intention to "stir up problems." This webpage appears to be for recording bedbug incidents, not for gossipi

ng. Ad Hominem arguments are rather childish.

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The accusation about bedbugs at this address is completly false.(Unless the person who wrote it has them & hasn't let the landlord know)In my opinion it is someone who has nothing better to do with their time than to try & stir up problems with the existing tenants.

I am beyond discusted. I moved here december of 2010, and after a few months I would wake up with huge itchy welts that left scars after. having big scars on my arms and legs is upsetting. I knew what the welts were right away because a year prior I rented a room in an old building that had them. I couldn't see any around this time though and I looked everywhere. I told the landlord and a pest guy came and supposedly got rid of them. Now a month later they are back. I actually saw 3 on a blanket

yesterday and put them in a container so they would believe me. It doesn't make sense because I am a clean person and all of my furniture is new, so they are obviously in the building. The landlord was even surprised by my decor/furniture and made comments about it being nice. My landlord randomly comes in my apartmart without any notice and just snoops around even prior to the bed bug incident. This is prohibited in the landlord/tenant act of nova scotia, it states that you need 24 hours written or verbal notice to enter the premises unless there's an emergency. One of the times she came in she said that "some women" in the apartment thought I was doing drugs?! I was never so shocked and insulted in my life. I was crying when she said that. I dont smoke, drink, or do drugs. I have really bad anxiety and any substance like that would trigger severe panic attacks. I was tying to fiqure out how in the name of god someone would conclude that I was doing drugs, and I can only assume that the woman next door heard me laughing?! She must have been thinking "what? Someone in this building is actually laughing and happy" I was even looking into charging her with slander. I guess that's what I get for trying to save money a cheaper rent.

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