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I am not one to air my business on Social Media, but at this point I have no choice. I spent the last 5 nights at the Trylon Hotel at 12th and Ocean in North Wildwood. I wanted to treat my grandkids. On Wednesday evening my grandchild woke up crying at 4AM. To my horror, there were bugs coming out of the headboard and on the bed. The headboard was made from intricate wicker. These bugs disappeared as soon as the light went on. After banging on the headboard, we had no success in trying to get

them to come back out, I wanted to know what they were because of my grandkids. I was freaking out and pulled the covers off of my other grandchild who was sleeping, and one was right near him. We got the bug, took pictures, and tried to kill it. I had to wait outside the room with my grandkids until 8AM that morning so I can confront the office. I confronted the owner and she told me that she would immediately send me a check by mail because she didn't have any cash or her checkbook there. She Also told me that she would immediately call the exterminator and have that room taken care of. When I arrived back in Philly, I received a phone call from her saying that she has a letter from her exterminator that there is nothing in that room. She also said she was putting new people in the room and I am not getting a cent back. I paid $200. a night for this room. I Am totally sick and embarrassed and humilated by this. Having put my grandkids in this situation makes me even sicker. Please do not stay there, Our room number was 305. I warned her that I would go to the bedbug registry and to social media but she told me she will sue me if I do. I throw every possession that I had in that room, both mine and the kids out. I am in the travel industry and I have never heard or saw anything like this happen. Any hotel owner would be happy to take care of the problem because it can cost hotels tons of money. I have already lost over $1000. in clothing and luggage. If you see 4 bedbugs, you know there has to be tons more!!!! Feel free to share!

Terry Banning Duczkowski's photo.

Terry Banning Duczkowski's photo.

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