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Both our upstairs neighbor and next door neighbor had bed bugs at different times. Last February or so, we started getting bitten by something. I developed a very bad rash. We'd been inspected twice, when our neighbors were infested (the management office is now denying that our next door neighbor ever had any treatment for bed bugs). We called for a third. The inspection was very cursory--the guy didn't even check the slats under the box spring. Nor did any inspection of the walls ever take pla

ce (a rare earthquake in the NYC area caused a crack in the ceiling and down a wall and there were eggs near the ceiling behind a wall hanging). In JULY we found the bugs and the eggs. By that time, our bed (a family heirloom and antique) was a loss, as was our sofa. We also lost a number of books and some clothing. Not to mention sleep, work because of both lack of sleep and the extermination process. The management company, in addition to claiming that our neighbor never had any treatment is also claiming they never reimbursed her (which is not what she told us).

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