River Dr S
Jersey City, NJ 07310

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The Rainbow Shop located at 145 Newark Avenue in Jersey City has bedbugs. On 08/08/2011, I went in the store to buy some jeans and wanted to try them on. I went into the fitting rooms and before I started to change my clothes, I notice something clawing on the floor. I got closer to see what it was and it was a bedbug. I know how they look because the newspaper had a article every other day last year. I notified the store manager and she stated that she was going to kill it. I advised her that

I will never shop here again and walked out.

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We had found bed bugs in our bed on 8/1/10 and had told our super about it and they said that they would not be able to do anything till Tuesday. Mind you this is Sunday. There has been an on going problem in our building for the year we had lived there. The so called pest control guy that works in our building tends to pick and choose what he does. I have spoke with other people who have used him before and the message comes loud and clear. DO NOT USE HIM! People are forced to hire someone who

is outside of the company. However the other problem is that the nationalities that live in the building do not know that they have these bugs and or don't care. This is a real problem and the management knows about this and has done nothing to help prevent and or inform people about the bed bugs in the building. My wife and I are very clean people and I know that is not why you get bed bugs (clean or dirty) However! It has shocked my wife to the point that she is thinking about moving. Yet another cost that could have been prevented had the landlords done the right thing....

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