1 River Ct
Jersey City, NJ 07310-2000

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A lot of apartments in this building is infested with bed bugs. You need to be extremely careful while renting here.
I did not notice the problem right after I moved in. I was completely oblivious. One day I saw blood stain on my sheet and was alarmed. That night I was extra conscious and soon was able to find couple of bed bugs over my body. When I switched on the light I found literally more than 10 bed bugs.

I could not sleep on the bed anymore. Slept on the floor that night. Landlord re

acted as if it is normal and I had to sleep for more than 4 days on the floor before they did the extermination.
I would not recommend newport - except otherwise you are overly cautious and make sure they do a proper treatment before signing the lease.

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This is the Riverside building at Newport. Like most of Newport, there are massive infestations in many units, many due to the large Indian population constantly coming and going, as well as people "recycling" infested items from the loading dock and bringing them back up to their apartments. In one month alone, I knew of infestations on floors 2, 4, 7, 11, 18, 23, and 33. I even overheard the staff joking about "the pesky bloodsuckers" being at it again.

I moved in during 2009 and immediatel

y began seeing bites that I unknowingly thought were due to mosquitoes. When I finally saw a bedbug and reported it, management was horrific. We spent thousands of our own money attempting to rid the apartment of bugs on our own and did a much better job than management. The only kind words I ever got were from some of the sympathetic doormen.

When our lease was up this year, we promptly moved out. Sadly, we're still paying for furniture that we've abandoned and spent hundreds on electricity using the bed bug heater we bought on amazon to salvage some of our possessions.

In short, don't move to Newport unless you want to risk bed bugs.

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