444 Washington Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1900

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This complex definately is one of the most bed bug infested places on the earth. We noticed bed bugs in our apartment in the summer and we have underwent 5 treatments and still signs of bed bugs are everywhere. its like a warzone, the bugs crawl through the cooling vents, and get on top of walls, only to suck blood at nite. they also has a problem with bed bug covers for our mattress.Also they fined us for no fault of our own, by "not complying with instructions for treatment" needless to say, i

am moving out as we have been living like nomads with all our stuff packed for 3 months after paying exorbitant rent.

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Avalon Cove is infested with bed bugs. We moved inside the apartment in Jan 09. There were many pest control checks starting in June and I believe they go around and check each and every apartment. This was the first sign we got. It was obvious they were dealing with a big problem in their building. Then starting in Aug, we started noticing bites. At first we thought these were mosquitoes. As days went by, we started noticing marks on the bed. Last week we saw 5 live bugs. This was the

smoking gun. We complained and it seemed that they got many of such complains. They called the pest control guy to come take a look and he was shocked to see many live bugs inside the crevices of our bed frame. All of our furniture is new and we keep the apartment very clean. The building as such has a problem and there is nothing one can do to avoid this. Bed bugs can live without feeding for more than 1 year and they are the toughest pests around. Since Avalon is carpeted, they easily move from apartment to apartment through carpets and electrical sockets. We have our first pest control scheduled for tomorrow. It is such a pain as one is expected to seal all their clothes, move furniture etc and the whole procedure is as good as packing stuff while moving. It is painful and traumatic.
Needless to say, I am moving out of this bed bug infested building soon.

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9/8/09- We were informed that they were inspecting all the apartments for pest control purposes. Since we never had any issues with our apartment I didn't think they would find anything. We were cleared of any pest issues at the beginning of August. At the end of August we received an urgent notice that there was a pest control issues. Of course, we were not notified of the exact details of the problem. Then we received an e-mail that there was a bed bug problem. It has been a nightmare to have

this taken care of. We have not seen any signs of the bugs and we have not received any bites. They also couldn't confirm any visible signs of bug, but a dog was used to confirm we had a problem. I mentioned that we had not seen anything. We keep our apartment very clean and we checked all the bedding, clothing, books, you name it and there was not one sign of the bug. Mind you we recently moved in during the month of May and they had installed brand new carpeting for us. Allegedly the bug problem was caught early and the bugs "may have been in the wall". I'm worried my neighbors may have the problem and we have to suffer the consequences. I hope we do not see this problem again or we will have to move. We are still in the treatment phase.

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I lived in this apartment for year, it was horrible experience. We reported to the apartment authorities many times and they too treated the bugs but we left with no choice other than moving out of this place. There are many people moved out of this apartment just because of BED BUGS.

There are over 20 residents reporting bed bug problems. The office is so overwhelmed they aren't returning calls.

We started getting bitten in the night. A thorough inspection of the bed revealed two dead bed bugs and one live one. Two more were found in the room on some clothes. We have taped the part of the bed frame above the wheels with 2 sided carpet tape and are throwing all bedding into the drier before bed.

This apartment has already had problems with roaches and ants, so I am not surprised. It is an overpriced pest invested nightmare. Do not live here. For the money we pay there should be

no problems at all with any kind of pests!

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