241 Erie St
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1303

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This is a commercial office space. Apparently someone saw bedbugs in a couch on one of the floors. This caused them to then hire a company and employ a beagle. The beagle went around to every department and sniffed for bedbugs on a saturday. On monday, when people walked in to see their cabinets red-flagged, mass hysteria ensued. And finger pointing. And accusations as to who was clean and who was dirty. My department was deemed "most infested", though not one person reported either seeing one o

r getting bit. Random places were targeted by the dog. Metal filing cabinets, papers, cd's, empty cubicles.

So they came in, tossed everything into poison sealed up for three days, all personal effects were tossed into a bag so you would "deal with it yourself" and they had no qualms about moving stuff aorund, shaking things out.

I'm pretty sure that building management has no clue what they are doing, and I would like to see them produce an actual bedbug. Its kinda neat to see also how much money t hese exterminators are making off this deal- the same people who employ the dog exterminate, and get paid on a case by case basis. Its like hiring a beagle to sniff your crotch to find cancer, and he finds it, and you automatically go get chemo without a blood test.

I have no doubt that its 100 percent totally and completely possible we have bedbugs. We are constantly travelling around different locations and facilities, especially into the city. I just question if the situation is a tad bit overblown, what the error rate of these dogs are, and applaud the exterminators with being able to create their own business.

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