145 Palisade Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306-1101
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I am the owner of 145 Palisade Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. This is a beautiful and (now) very clean two family residential building. The other tenant that currently occupies the 1st floor apartment is also a dog owner, and, he has never complained to me about bed bug or rodent infestation at any time. A disgruntled 2nd floor tenant posted an "anonymous" bed bug report because I refused to renew their lease. My refusal was predicated upon the unsanitary conditions that they created in thei

r apartment. The former tenant was solely responsible for bringing the bed bugs into their apartment - NOT the building owner. The tenant was also solely responsible for the mice being present in their apartment, because they allowed dry dog food to remain on the kitchen floor at all times, attracting the mice.
The certified bed bug and rodent exterminator that we hired is registered and approved by the City of Jersey City. Subsequent to the extermination, we received certification that all bed bugs and rodents had been exterminated and that there was no further evidence of infestation of any kind. These conditions still prevail two months after the former tenant vacated their apartment on October 31st.
This is a factual rebuttal of the false allegations that were previously posted on this website. This false information was only posted in retaliation for my refusal to renew the tenant's lease.
145 Palisade Avenue LLC
Building Owner

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This started in the beginning of summer 2010 and is still happening...

We are having a terrible time with this infestation. Our landlord does not want to invest in a reputable exterminator. He will only lose more money in the future.

Most apartments require three treatments and each treatment takes a few hours and and few people to really be thorough spraying every crack and crevice.

The guy our landlord hired took 30 minutes,in our two floor apartment, which has very old floors (talk a

bout cracks and crevices.)

We still have bed bugs after two half assed treatments so we are not renewing our lease.

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