50 Christopher Columbus Dr
Jersey City, NJ 07302-3056

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Same poster as the previous report. Problem ended up being very severe for the unit after consulting experts. Extermination could take months which is not what we signed up for for a luxury building like 50 Columbus. Had to fight management to get our deposit and rent back but they eventually did after a week of hassle. All of our stuff that we moved in is contaminated and must be treated for thousands of dollars, but it's a small price to pay to get out of this hellish experience. Experts say t

he unit is very infested (live bugs crawling around in daylight) and could have been there for awhile from previous tenant or units next to it. Make sure the management checks for them with a PCO as a part of the move in inspection if you are looking to move in. Better yet, get your own PCO and have a canine inspection for peace of mind. Our unit was beautiful and the building has one of the best layouts and amenities in JC but it is not worth having bed bugs.

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Moved into a multi-resident high-rise apartment and found bed bugs during the night, crawling not just in the bedroom but in the living room and closet. Had barely unpacked, and did not have issues with bed bugs in previous residence. Management sent exterminator but upon returning to the apartment later that day, there were still bed bugs crawling around. Hopefully with followup treatments and self-treatments, we can deal with the problem.

We found a lot of bugs in our apartment recently, and management has been completely uninterested in getting involved. To their credit they have offered to reimburse us for extermination, but we had to do our own research as the building\'s own exterminator contractor wouldn\'t even return our call. We have also started seeing things like clothes in the garbage areas, the occasional mattress, etc., so we can\'t be the only ones in the building.

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