160 Frontage Rd
Newark, NJ 07114-3700

Found 3 reports:

July 1 to 3 was my stay. On july 2 I noticed red bumps on my body I spoke to other that were with my group and some of then had them to we then look around the bed and it was bed bugs discussing we reported to the front desk but they did nothing they did not seem to be surprised.

January 8 stayed here for work. I am a flight attendant and had to stay here when I got stuck due to weather. I usually always check the beds at my hotels but I have never had a problem here before so I didn't look at the beds. I woke up about 7 am to check a message I received on my cell phone the light on the phone illuminated a black spot on my sheets I turned the lamp on and it was a bug. I squashed it with my finger and it left a blood stain on the sheets. While calling the front desk an

other one crawled up onto the bed. I pulled the bed away from the wall and found they were nesting in a loose electrical socket. The ramada did nothing to help me, no room change no reimbursement for my room. I am still waiting to hear backl from them about all the situation but they will not return calls.

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Stay at this Ramada Inn on Oct 10 2010. I woke up during the nite and found a beg bug on my bed.
Well after killing it, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.
I tried to report it on their website. But no one returned my email nor did they call as I left an phone number.