381 Broad St
Newark, NJ 07104

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We were getting bed bug bites starting the end of June, 2011. And were not sure what they were until we saw bed bugs July 1st. called management that day, and they said they would "put us on the list" to be inspected, then treated. First you must sign a form that you will "prepare" your apt. By washing all clothes, linens and all bedding, bagging them in plastic bags, take all pictures and mirrors off walls, lifting up carpet edges, All beds taken apart, everything out of dresser drawers, furnit

ure on one side of room, couch on it's end, and more! Basically, the apt. Becomes uninhabitable. We were treated 4 times, once a week for all of July, and we were still getting bitten, so we are on our 2nd month of upheaval. We can't put everything back together until the last treatment, so we are paying rent for a place we can not occupy. We called the health dept., they said they had at least 18 reports of bedbugs in the building. I think they should give us 2 months rent credit.

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Wow I've lived at 381 broad st for a few months and lately we have noticed an out break with bed bugs I really want to move because I just brought new furniture and really don't believe I'm gonna be compensated if it gets infected at night is when u must stay awoke or be bitten it's really a pain in the. Bleep

i lived on the 21st floor for 2 years (2006-2008). There were multiple bed bugs outbreak in my apartment. i had to throw away my sofa, mattress, sheets and old clothes. they still came back. it was very very stressful.

I am on the 21st floor of this building and am being eaten alive by bedbugs this past week. They won't send an exterminator for another week, and the process to get the chemical treatment done is extensive. They want me to wash and bag all cloth, box everything, vacuum, and throw out my mattress. I am moving out of this place in mid October and never coming back.

I'm the 6th floor of this building and I've battled bedbugs for almost a year now. The bedbugs keep coming back after repeated chemical treatments. There are numerous infestations in this 22 story building.

Numerous people in the building have bed bugs.

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