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Around July 2010 I have noticed that I have been feeling like something crawling on me when I went to bed but didnt put much into it. Once my boyfriend came to sleep in the bed the next morning he had about 10 bites on his feet and arms in a straight line. He stated that it could have been bed bugs but we didnt out too much thought into it. I called the landlord to get an exterminator which came around August and thought the problem was solved. Until 2 to 3 weeks later when my boyfriend again sl

ept in the bed he was in the bed for about 15 minutes and started scratching like crazy. We immediately turned on the lights and saw three of them on the bed. We figured that it was in the head and foot board since his body touches those parts. I have had the exterminator coem at least two times since then and it seems like there is really no change. My son and I dont get bit but two other people besides my boyfriend has been bitten on my bed and also the couch. Also when walking into my room it feels like something is crawling all over your feet. So I sleep on my plastic covered mattress in my livingroom until I can figure out how to deal with the problem. I dont have the money to hire an expensive bed bug specialist. Please help..

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