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My 3 girlfriends and I moved into this apartment style house in June of 2010. We found out we had bed bugs about 4 months after we moved in. My 3 roommates were getting bit in the typical “breakfast, lunch and dinner” format…multiple bites, close in proximity. I was not getting bit, and was in denial for the first few months when they were complaining about the bites and furthermore when the doctors didn’t diagnosis the bites as bed bugs. (Which I later found out is not

enough to diagnosis because bites look different on everyone). It was only after the exterminator came and confirmed the fact that I believed. Denial is my biggest regret with this whole ordeal. It was from that point on I was determined to do my research about these bugs. It was a few days after the infestation was confirmed that the tenant below us- who had been there for years- shared with us that indeed bed bugs had been a problem here before we moved in, and they were even treated there. This blew my mind!
Today our lease is over and coincidentally I am back on this website for now an issue at my primary home, miles away from Montclair, where my parents live. My mom has been complaining about bites, which again I addressed in denial, thinking there was no way I tracked them back here, and that they were just dust mite bites. Yesterday she found one. I am literally devastated, angry, and feel responsible. Although I took serious measures and read up on what to do in order not to transport the bb’s, my fear is that I brought them back here before I knew we had them in my apartment; as I frequently came home on the weekends. I understand that I am immune to the bites-which aids the denial part- and so is my father. Unfortunately if we had listened to my mother sooner, we would be in better shape right now.
I am writing this not only because I am faced with this horrid problem again, but because I forgot that this still affects people, worldwide, on a daily basis. And if we pull together, on sites like this, and formulate a database, we can be each other’s best resource. In doing my research, I found that NY, unlike NJ, has a new law in place that demands land loards to release/inform future tenants of previous bed bug infestations, however, with sites and registries like bedbugger.com we don’t have to rely on laws, we can find out the information we need right here. I have even spread the word to my friend in Colorado—before you rent—ask! Just their reaction alone should give way to any reservations you may have. I wish I knew to ask before we moved in. That is what I am most angry about—we could have protected ourselves—if we had known it was a previous issue—which our land loard still refuses to admit—we could have at least bought mattress encasements, or even looked for a different place. He did comply with exterminating twice, chemically, which is why I was advised not to go to court to break the lease- and we didn’t have an issue after the second treatment, but in my opinion, that doesn’t matter because now look at the problem I have. Anyone who is looking to rent here, beware. The whole house had an issue with bed bugs- all four dwellings. The people next to us actually had it worse. Please use this to your advantage; I wouldn’t rent from here as they did come back when we moved in. Good luck.

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