653 1st St
Hoboken, NJ 07030-6031

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Although no bed bugs I have been at this location for a while and I have noticed mice and also alot of ants:(

I know other tenants had them, I lived here a year ago and had no problem, the exterminator sprayed and checked our apartment anyway... when he did he said the thing that saved us was one thing our electric blanket on our bed- hope this helps!


Hate to say it but who knows if those bugs will go away. Moved out of this place over a year and a half ago because of these horrible vampire bugs. Management did nothing. No wonder the place has been infested for over 2 years now, they must be crawling absolutely everywhere.

The management company has sent an exterminator into the building on the past 3 Saturdays. Half of the tenants in the building are not present at the time the exterminator comes, therefore the bedbug situation will be very difficult to eradicate.

I get new bites on my body every night.

This building is pre-war and there are fire places in the units. Some species of bed bugs come from bats, and birds. The bug issue in this case could have to do with the chimneys.

Either way, the exter

minator can only help so much, I don't anticipate the bed bug situation here going away any time soon.

see full report...

This place has bed bugs.

Bedbugs in apartment, was not the first in building to get them because the building was not treated after the first incident. Actually caught one and gave it to exterminator.

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