364 Anderson Ave
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

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364 Anderson Ave.
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

Two months ago new people moved in to an apartment accross the hall from me. Two days later they moved out complaining about bed bugs.
The landlord sent a notice with instructions on how to avoid them and said that terminex was to come and treat the building.
No one came to treat the building for bed bugs.
A couple of weeks later I found that my bed was now infested with bed bugs. I am on the top 3rd floor of the building. They must

have worked their way up. The building has experienced alot of turnover over the last couple of years, so I attribute it to that, but one can never be for sure. I have since bleached all the areas where I found them and put down boric acid all around in the corners.
I found a lawn and garden pesticide that has a chemical to kill them. I am going to use that next.
Forget the landlord - he is cheap and wont spend the money. I could pay someone to do my room but its moot if the whole building isnt treated.
So I am going to have an ongoing battle with these things.

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