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2009- found evidence of bedbugs. Neighbors picked up and vacated apartment before their lease was over. Saw cheap exterminator going in and out of their apartment but I had no clue until the bites came. Bedbugs moved over to my apartment and have caused much grief. Landlord is not sympathetic at all; she is trying to find the cheap way out. PCO guy informed me that 5 other units in neighborhood has bedbugs and they arent even connecting units! I am going through hell and the landlord hasnt even

checked on my staus; she does the minimum and always hide when there is a problem. BEWARE...that if 5 of her units have bedbugs then alot more people over here are suffering but have yet to realize what it is. The place is run down, and big holes in the siding. Big enough for rodents to get in. Landlord will not fix anything in your house.I have lost so much of my personal items due to the fact that she tried to cover up a problem that grew but she loses no sleep. SHES A SLUMLORD!!!!!BEWARE>>BEWARE>>BEWARE<<BEWARE>>

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